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Belle Point Press

Prose Series Bundles

Prose Series Bundles

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If you're looking to stock up on our Prose Series installments, this is the place! Priced individually at $5.95, you can either order 2 for $8 or 4 for $12. Please enter the two you'd like in the "Order Special Instructions" when you view your cart, or let us surprise you!

  1. Sally Thomas (TN/NC)
  2. Jennifer Reeser (OK/LA)
  3. Jane V. Blunschi (LA/AR)
  4. Cassie E. Brown (MO)
  5. Khem K. Aryal (AR)
  6. SOLD OUT!
  7. Dalton Huerkamp (AR)
  8. Damon McKinney (OK/AR)
  9. Diamond Braxton (TX)
  10. Kevin Grauke (TX)
  11. Paul Luikart (TN)
  12. Anna Baker Smith (NC)
  13. Amy Cipolla Barnes (TN)
  14. Teresa Tumminello Brader (LA)
  15. Shome Dasgupta (LA)
  16. Rob Roensch (OK)
  17. Carolyn Mikulencak (OK/LA)
  18. Chase Dearinger (OK)

The Belle Point Prose Series is an ongoing collection of short prose works by Mid-Southern writers.

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