Mid/South Anthology

Publication Date: September 20, 2022

This anthology features forty talented writers from Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, and other surrounding states that represent a unique part of American culture. While this region is often misunderstood as one type of place, the Mid-South belongs to a little bit of everywhere: part Southwest, part Midwest, part South—always wild. Our area of the country is both a space of its own and part of a larger, complicated Southern world: the “Mid/South.” In this collection, poetry, short stories, and essays offer glimpses into this in-between place as they explore the complexities of our relationships to each other as well as to the natural world. Whether through vivid landscapes, family dramas, or bittersweet love stories, each piece brings more insight into what it means to be from around here.

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Belle Point Prose Series

Beginning September 2022

The Belle Point Prose Series is an ongoing series of short prose works by Mid-Southern writers. Each print “microchap” will feature 1-2 brief stories or essays (or a small handful of flash pieces) by a single author.

  1. Sally Thomas (NC)
  2. Jennifer Reeser (LA)
  3. Jane V. Blunschi (AR)
  4. Cassie E. Brown (MO)
  5. Khem Aryal (AR)
  6. Kirsten Reneau (LA)

With more on the way! Learn more about the series here.

Belle Point Chaps

Publication Dates: October 2022-March 2023

Our first poetry chapbook series will be published October 2022-November 2023.

  • Nikki Ummel, Hush
  • Kyle Vaughn, The Alpinist Searches Lonely Places
  • Renee Emerson, The Commonplace Misfortunes of Everyday Plants
  • Megan Nichols, Animal Unfit
  • Jack B. Bedell, All the Woods' Wild: The Story of the Swamp Witch of Maurepas

Learn more about our authors here and the chaps here.


Poetry 2023

  • Wendy Taylor Carlisle (AR), Reading Berryman to the Dog
  • Elisheva Fox (TX), Spellbook for the Sabbath Queen.
  • Anna Laura Reeve (TN), Reaching the Shore of the Sea of Fertility
  • Jason Myers (TX), Maker of Heaven &
  • Madeline Trosclair (LA), Bottomlands

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