Coming in 2024

  • Chase Dearinger (OK/KS), This New Dark (novel)
  • Maggie Rue Hess (TN), The Bones that Map Us (poetry chapbook)
  • Clara Bush Vadala (TX), Book of Altars (poetry chapbook)
  • Todd Osborne (MS), Gatherer (poetry collection)
  • William Woolfitt (WV/TN), The Night the Rain Had Nowhere to Go (poetry collection)
  • Justin Carter (TX), Brazos (poetry collection)
  • Frances Schenkkan (LA/TX), Whitewash (poetry collection)
  • Kirsten Reneau (LA), Sensitive Creatures (essay collection)
  • Jim Roberts (TX), Of Fathers and Gods (story collection)
  • Rilla Askew (OK), The Hungry and the Haunted (story collection)
  • Shome Dasgupta (LA), Atchafalaya Darling (story collection)
  • Benjamin Myers (OK), Ambiguity and Belonging (essay collection)
  • Matthew Miller (MO), Leaves of Healing (essay collection)
  • Dorothy A. Marcy (AR), I Dare You (novella)
  • Bethany Jarmul (WV), Take Me Home (prose chapbook)
  • Troy Pancake (TX), The Day (prose chapbook)

Coming in 2025

  • Aaron Gwyn (OK/NC), The Cannibal Owl (novella)
  • Sandra Barnidge (AL), The Diamondbacks (novel)
  • John Gifford (OK), Landscaping for Wildlife (essay collection)
  • Everyone’s Story Matters: Oral Histories and Life in the Arkansas River Valley
  • Katy Goforth (SC), Anchored (prose collection)
  • Lauren Rhoades (MS), Split the Baby (memoir)
  • Linda Neal Reising (OK), Cigar Box of Loss: Stories from Route 66 (story collection)