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White Riot / Black Massacre: 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre (Zine)

White Riot / Black Massacre: 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre (Zine)

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*From our friends at Microcosm Publishing*

Zine / pamphlet. Published by Microcosm! In highly-segregated Tulsa, Oklahoma in June, 1921, a white mob attacked the mostly Black neighborhood of Greenwood. Hundreds of people were killed, thousands injured. Homes, businesses, schools, and churches were burned/looted. City government supported the mob, insurance companies refused to cover the losses, and the KKK touted it as a great success. Media barely mentioned it, and it was rarely reported on or taught about in schools. For decades it was referred to as a riot, and only recently has the more accurate term "massacre" been applied. This short history creates an evocative account grounded in well-researched details that bring the events alive in an urgent and personal way, as well as detailing what happened afterwards and the ongoing fight for reparations. As we reach the centennial of these atrocities, this zine serves as a reminder that we must all take an active role in not repeating the worst of our history.

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