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Belle Point Press

Mid/South Anthology Bundle

Mid/South Anthology Bundle

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Until we run out, you can now get both of our anthologies in a discounted bundle.

  • Mid/South Anthology (September 2022), our debut publication, features 40 writers Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, and other surrounding states. Whether through vivid landscapes, family dramas, or bittersweet love stories, each piece brings more insight into what it means to be from around here.
  • Mid/South Sonnets (August 2023) brings together 60 poets with ties throughout the American South. While this anthology includes many conventional and experimental approaches to the sonnet form, each poem ultimately enacts an attempt to struggle through the anxieties of home in the hope of finding a place to love and belong.

Sold separately for $44 + shipping, this bundle is priced at $35 (+ free shipping!)

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