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Et Alia Press

100 Insects of Arkansas & the Midsouth: Portraits & Stories

100 Insects of Arkansas & the Midsouth: Portraits & Stories

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*From our friends at Et Alia Press in Little Rock, AR*

2018 IPPY (Independent Publisher Book Awards) Bronze Medalist for BEST NONFICTION SOUTH

Most people don't notice insects. If they do see one, there is first a look of revulsion, followed by a search for something to swat with. But naturalists and teachers Norman and Cheryl Lavers know that if people had any idea how intricate and fascinating the life stories of insects can be, they might alter their attitudes. Through this premium color book, readers will be riveted by the incredible images taken over years of careful study and the stories thoughtfully collected about insects of Arkansas and the Midsouth like The Fiery Searcher, The Twice-Stabbed Lady Beetle, and the Ambush Bug. As you peek under leaf litter, learn to identify what flies across your path, listen for sounds on summer nights, and study insect weaponry and mimicry with the Lavers, prepare for your woodland walks to be forever changed.



  • Made in United States
  • Dimensions: 8.5″ x 9″ x 0.3"
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